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What is your favourite open space area or recreation facility to visit?

almost 5 years ago
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Do you have a favourite beach where you like to surf? A playground on the next block up from your house where your kids love to spend hours playing? A particular bushland area where you can explore the beauty of the local environment? Like to get to the PLC for a workout or head to a sportsground where you or your family members can play your favourite sport? We're interested in learning about the open space area or recreation facility within the Gosford Local Government Area that you like to visit most and what you do when you're there. 

Jay almost 5 years ago
Bouddi National Park for walking
Killcare (Putty) beach for swimming
Turo reserve for playing with grandchildren
dadangus over 4 years ago
Umina beach is a very good shared recreation area that allows responsible dog owners, swimmers and walkers to all enjoy the environment.
leewilmott over 4 years ago
the leash free are of macs Beach and the Cochrone laggon. There is plethora of wildlife there.
I have concerns that whilst we are sweating it out about leash free areas for dogs that we have not got restrictions on cats. Everytime I see birds or swans breed I wonder how many will get taken. I have NEVER seen a dog attack any wildlife but I know cats come out at night and roam far and will take more than its body wieght for food. If we are to have open spaces with native fauna and flora then this HAS to be addressed.
staysharp over 4 years ago
I go to East Gosford park/sports ground often and there's many things that I dislike.

1. Not a park seat or table anywhere in sight to sit and relax.
2. Not a tree or any shade in sight to sit under, in a country with a high skin cancer rate.
3. Toilets in sight but only open when sports are being played (what is this, 3 rd world or what)
4. No provisions for taking a walk, like a track, when it has rained it's more like a swamp. And there's no footpaths around the outside of the ground.

Come on council, provide for everyone please, we all pay rates but we don't all play football or baseball ! we still would like to use the open space if it was more user friendly.
Twinkletoes over 4 years ago
I love walking along Killcare's Putty Beach every day with my dog. I love it's peace and beauty. It can also be a time to meet with and sometimes encourage others and to laugh at the dogs playing together along the beach or in the water. Note that having our dog(s) under effective control and carrying (and using!) a black 'poo' bag is the norm for dog walkers on this open space!
aloysiusalien over 4 years ago
Pioneer Park and Caroline Bay. Perfect places for picnics, walking and introducing visitors to the beauty of the Central Coast
Curly over 4 years ago
The Davistown foreshore is a great place for people of all ages to walk or ride a bike and enjoy the waterfront but it becomes almost impossible after rain. A shared cycleway like the path along the Woy Woy waterfront and joining onto the boardwalk to Kincumber would be fantastic.
JoFamily over 4 years ago
We drive to the southern end of Umina beach to run on that gorgeous shallow beach leash free area with the dogs and a picnic basket. The kids love it - it's the only way we can get the teenager to engage in outdoor activity. The parking's a bit difficult, but it seems to turn over OK so we can usually get a spot very late in the afternoon.

We also go to Terrigal beach (dogs on leash) for fish & chips.

The other thing we do sometimes is to take the bikes, kids and dogs to Adcock park, and ride at least to Koolewong.

We would use the local kids parks, but they ripped all the excellent playground equipment out and put in plastic baby stuff, and now we can't get any of the kids over 5 to play in it. Pity - the kids used to be there all the time. Unfortunatly Bensville is lousy for local outdoor recreational areas - there's nothing at all south of Kallaroo Rd and only the tiny kids park on the north side. That so-called park on the north eastern end is just a swamp and nobody except the mosquitoes use it. We wish like mad that there was a boat ramp at the wharf and the toilets were reinstated, then we could really get some recreation!
Romaine R over 4 years ago
I love Avoca Beach - for the beach, for the cafes, for the parks, for the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre.
PeterA over 4 years ago
I think Lions Park at Woy Woy is a great area. It needs better boat launching facilities and the jetty really needs an upgrade though.
healthier world over 4 years ago
Favourite place is Umina beach, Kiddies Corner. Many activities happening at the same time creates a healthy environment where everyone, including me and my dog (trained and disciplined), can enjoy the beach. Most dog owners who use this beach are responsible, we have our own rather large community, but, importantly, we can also enjoy the company of others and their activities. It's a great place where we can keep to ourselves or enjoy interaction with others, creativity, family fun ... LIFE. A wonderful Open Space which encourages unity within the community.

I love any natural OPEN SPACE where my dog can enjoy running free (trained and disciplined). I say open space as I consider fenced in dog parks for 'dog' only activities limiting, unnatural and unhealthy. I believe it to be healthier for our dogs to interact with us in natural, shared spaces where other activities are going on.
dadangus over 4 years ago
Umina/Ettalong Beach has become a top spot to enjoy the scenery and sea. It provides a great recreational area for surfers swimmers families and people with dogs that mingle safely with everybody else in the "dog off leash" area.
I go there to swim , to take the grandchildren and to exercise myself and my dogs.
The beaches are usually very clean.
The dogs socialise and people with children are able to experience dogs playing happily. Something foreign to most people without dogs.
The facilities along the beach are good rather than excellent. More beach-side cold water showers would improve the experience.
Anne over 4 years ago
The recreation facility at Umina Beach is fantastic, but for us at least 30 minutes to drive to. Great for all ages to get out in the fresh air and have room to play.
niccolay over 4 years ago
I live near and use Umina Beach ALL the time. Walk on it to the shops, go for Swims and stop for coffee. I love that beach and wish the council would cut back the vegitation and build more of the viewing platforms like the ones infront of the mantra so when I ride my bike and can still enjoy the view.
healthier world over 4 years ago
Love Kiddies Corner, Umina Beach off leash area, where I play with dog. Talk with people I know. Meet new people. Walk along beach. Swim in sea. Have chips and chat at Surf Club. Enjoy the joy all year round. Go home a sandy mess.

Love Kincumber Mountain, where we can choose one of the more leisurely walks or be more adventurous, climb up hill and down dale, explore nooks and crannies, enjoy the birds (not so much the leaches!).

Love Brisbane Water, where we can enjoy everything. Being near it, on it, in it, or under its surface. Would love it more if there were an off leash area next to it!
joanne over 4 years ago
the offleash area at Davistown waterfront- walk, socialise and swim the dogs
the walkway between Saratoga and Kincumber walk the dogs, ride bikes and skateboards
Soccer grounds at Frost reserve for soccer
Terrigal beach for lunch
The Haven for picnics and rugby